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Designed specifically for small businesses

Highway Business Services is part of the Highway group of companies and has been in business for over 15 years.

Highway started life as a training and consultancy business and to this day Training Highway still serves and supports hundreds of individuals across Kent.

Highway Business Services was formed in 2018 after attracting a number of small businesses in the area asking for IT support. Rather than just building yet another IT business in Kent we take the time to truly understand what small business owners really need and want from an IT support company.

What we have found is that the requirements are really very simple, what you really want is peace of mind that everything is safe, secure, up to date and backed up, combined with the ability to call someone if something is not working and not have to worry it is going to cost them the earth if at all. Overall a good service at a fair price.

We have designed our services to be exactly this and have included all of the essential services so there are no hidden costs and clear, transparent packages so you can really get the right level of support for your business.

It was also clear that small businesses don't like being tied into long term contracts so we don't. All of our contracts are rolling 30 day contracts which gives you the peace of mind and us the drive to ensure we do what is right by our customers all of the time.

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