How to Migrate Emails in Office 365 using PST files

Step 1 - Permissions

After having logged into your Office 365 portal, select Exchange, you may need to select “Show all” to see the Exchange link. Once you are in the Exchange portal select “Roles” and “Admin roles” in the dropdown (if you are using the old Exchange admin center, you can select “admin roles” from the main screen)
New Exchange Admin Center
Old Exchange Admin Center
Select “Organization Management” and then “Permissions” (in old exchange admin center you will also need to click on the pencil icon, and the + under “Roles:”)
Old Exchange Admin Center
Ensure that “Mailbox Import Export” is added to this group and Save.

Step 2 - Creating the Import Job

Head back to the Main Admin Centre and select “Setup”, under “Migration” select “Migrate your users’ data” and click the blue “View migrations” button.
Select “New import job” and give the job a name, click Next.
Click "Show network upload SAS URL" and then click on the "Copy to clipboard" button

Fill in the fields below and click "Generate" to create your Azure Copy command
Open Azure Copy and paste the command in, it should auto-run.
The next step is to create the mapping file, which can be done during the upload
Click the link below to download a template for the mapping file, you can copy and paste the row to add more,
you only need to change 3 cells per row:


The name of the PST file for this user
The target/new email address of the user
Leave this cell blank if you want to merge all data into the existing structure

Use /NewFolder to add all data into a new folder within the mailbox
Once the upload is complete and you have created your mapping file, check the two checkboxes and click "Next"
The next step is to upload the mapping file and make sure to click "Validate" and then "Save"
The import job will now run through an analysis of the job, you can click on the job to check the progress.
Once it has finished it's analysis the progress bar will change to say "Ready to import to Office 365" click on that link

Step 3 - Importing

You should now see an overview of the import job, at the top is the button to begin the import job.
It is always worth checking things at this stage to ensure the pst files match up to the correct email addresses!
Once you are happy to go ahead, click on the blue "Import to Office 365" button

The next screen will allow you filter your data, there are many ways to filter it and so if the client has requested
emails from the last year only be copied over there are options to help with that. Or you can just copy everything over.
The last screen will detail the size of data that will be imported, you can go back to change the filter settings, but once you are happy
click on the blue "Import data" button

From this moment onwards, the job is out of your hands, Office 365 is importing the job and it could take some time.
Check back every so often and if all goes well, the job should report back with a status of "Completed" and progress at 100%
If there are any errors, deal with those as they appear.
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